CRAYFLO Range of products includes Grilles, Registers, Linear diffusers, Ceiling diffusers, sand trap louvers, fresh air louvers and other related products for air conditioning and ventilation application.

QADNET has an exclusive manufacturing license and technical collaboration with CRAYFORD TECHNIQUES LIMMITED UNITED KINGDOM for the brand CRAYFLO.Qadnet manufacture all range of Grilles, Diffusers and other air terminal devices under the brand CRAYFLO.

CRAYFLO range of grills and diffusers in collaboration with CRAYFORD TECHNIQUES LIMMITED UNITED KINGDOM, a leading manufacturer in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Accessories ranging from Flexible Connectors, slide on Flanges, Self Adhesive Grip Nails and wide range of Grilles and Diffusers for the Air distribution applications.

CRAYFLO has its entire product tested with ETL SEMKO USA. Certificates which are attached herewith.All the Air Terminals are tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 70-2006 standard "Method of testing for Rating Perfomance of Air Outlets and Intels" which incorporate ADC 1062:GRD-84 Test Code for Grilles,Registers and Diffusers.


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