Aspen Tape


Aspen adhesive is the complete range of various kind of tapes like

Aluminum Foil Tape (Aspen-30 aluminum Foil Tape)
Aspen-30 APS
Plain Aluminum Foil Tape (Aspen-30 aluminum Foil tape) Application is for seaming plain foil /FSK faced fiberglass duct/ pipe insulation surface. Protection against moisture companied with superior sealing and strength makes Aspen rage of aluminum foil tapes an ideal choice for contractors and engineers. Acrylic adhesive coating on superior polycoated liner gives it strong adherence over a wide temperature range.

Class "0" approved under BS476 Part 6 and part 7

Aluminum FSK (Aspen FSK Tape)
Aspen 30 AFS
A high quality tape, having a Aluminum-reinforced substrate gives it exceptional tensile strength, and higher rolling back. Due to its superior engineering construction, constructors and engineers it prefer for high quality seaming and sealing of fiberglass duct insulation and pipe insulation. Acrylic adhesive selection gives a strong bond over a wide temperature range in addition to a good vapor barrier and an aesthetic.

Alu Glass Cloth Tape
7 mic Aluminum -glass Cloth Baking, companied with a high performance flame -Retardant adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper. Aluminum - Glass cloth backing provides excellent reflection of both heat and light. High quality adhesive with super strong adhesive and holding power offers reliable and durable Aluminum-Glass Cloth Facing joints and seam sealing in industrial pipe thermal insulation application. It is excellent vapor Barrier due to Low moisture vapor transmission rate.
Class "0" approved under BS476 Part 6 and part 7

EVA Form Tape
Soft EVA 3 min thickness coated with aggressive Acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive, which has good Shear resistance, High peel Adhesion and suitable for Duct insulation. It is backed with silicone paper. The adhesive has very good adhesive to Aluminum, glass surface.

PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape
PVC tape is designed for standard insulating application and repair work, ideal underground pipeline or conduit corrosion. It is also suitable for colored marking and banding, has a good resistance to moisture, humidity, corrosion and temperature variation, possess and outstanding conformity. This is made if high quality plasticized PVC foil in combination with an ageing solvent based adhesive.

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