Threaded Rods, Nuts, Washers & Drop in Anchor


Threaded Rods, Nuts and Washers
Threaded rod is fastening bar or rod threaded along its length. Threaded direction is an important specification to consider. Choices include right hand, left hand or both right and left hand. Right hand threads are configured so that clockwise rotation tightens the threaded to fastener. Left hand threads are less common, but well suited for applications in which motor vibration would cause right handed threads to loosen. When thread direction is not specified, the direction is usually to right. Left handed threads are usually listed explicitly. Threaded rods with both right hand threads and left hand threads have right threads at one end of the rod, and left threads at the opposite end. This dual thread style is used for especially assemblies such as turnbuckles. Threaded rods are made by super carbon steel, and it sizes varies from M3 to M52.

Specifications : DIM 975,Grade 4.8, material.

Drop in Anchor
Internal threads are National Coarse Threads. It allows for removal or replacement of the fixture without loss of holding values. The slots in the body allow for uniform expansion of anchor. The Drop-in Anchor plug comes pre-inserted, so no assembly is required. The Drop-in Anchor is an excellent fastener for flush mounting applications. The Drop-in Anchor setting tool ensures proper setting of anchor.


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